DGR/ADR handling

Apart from goods that are neutral (safe) in air transport, we deal with dangerous goods (so called DGR). These materials can pose danger to the environment.

Many objects that we use in daily life are classified as dangeorus in transport- for example such things as aerosols, perfumes, glue and batteries may pose danger in transport. There are various rules regarding dangerous goods in air transport- they are contained in IATA DGR regulations. The most important issues are packaging (both inside and outside), labelling and tagging, as well as documentation.

We ensure professional handling of dangerous goods that can be transported by air, in accordance with ICAO/IATA regulations. We have Lufthansa Cargo certificates (the highest category 6) and experience of many years, both in air and road transport of dangerous goods.

Additionally we offer:

  • Factual help in issuing DGD declaration (Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods),
  • Approved packaging used for transport of dangerous goods,
  • Labelling of DGR shipments,
  • Training in DGR handling.


Classes of Dangerous Goods:

1 – Explosives

2 – Gases

3 – Flammable liquids

4.1 – Flammable solids

4.2 – Substances liable to spontaneous combustion

4.3 – Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases

5.1 – Oxidizing substances

5.2 – Organic peroxides

6.1 – Toxic substances

6.2 – Infectious substances

7 – Radioactive material

8 – Corrosives

9 – Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

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